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NWACC concentrates its efforts on education and advocacy. The organization supports programs that help farmer–directors do a better job in their important role in leading successful cooperatives. NWACC works with cooperatives in the Northwest on educational programs for both adults and students, including the Northwest Regional Cooperative Annual Meeting and Educational Seminar, and the Oregon and Washington FFA Cooperative Quiz Contest. In addition, the NWACC provides scholarships for students at Oregon State University and financially supports one academic course at OSU.

NWACC extended its educational outreach to the Washington State FFA and Washington State Legislative Day on the Hill in 2019. The professional development and education of FFA students about Ag cooperatives is growing and the NWACC and its members look forward to increasing the amount of high school and college students that learn about the career opportunities cooperatives offer.

Over 315 FFA students attend the Day on the Hill event that is held in Boise that promotes student involvement in politics. NWACC is proud to sponsor the event and execute the event every January.

Northwest Agricultural Cooperative Council

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